The Salem Health Hospital official described a grim picture of the COVID-19 pandemic

Salem Health Director and CEO Cheryl Wolfe speaks at Salem Hospital and Marion County COVID-19 vaccination clinic in January.

Salem health is full, paralyzed health care workers and hospitals will soon take action to treat the body as the coronavirus pandemic continues to overwhelm health systems, Salem Health CEO Cheryl Nester Wolfe said Thursday.

“The reality is that we lost this war,” Wolfe said.

In a conversation with members of the Salem Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, Wolfe said the hospital was “fully filled” and was currently treating 93 patients with COVID-19. They are canceling surgeries because they do not have bed capacity and there are currently 30 patients in the emergency department without beds.

In hospitals where health care workers are used to treat people and save lives, there is often little hospitalization can be done when serious cases of delta differentiation are received.

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The intensive care unit — a 30-bed unit — has 21 COVID-19 patients, 16 of whom are on air conditioners.

“Those 16 will not,” Wolfe said. “That’s really what we’re dealing with.”

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