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Biden’s management plan to offer a third dose of coronavirus vaccine is set to begin in at least three weeks. But despite the imminent deadline, there are serious questions on the importance of giving all Americans another shot.

There seems to be no doubt about the vaccine itself – which has been accepted almost unanimously across the scientific community – trusted doctors and oncologists have shared the truth about whether there is data available to support another vaccine for everyone. Meanwhile, Biden’s management has protected its enhancement program despite the face-lift announcement when it was before the order needed to start such a program, and now presses on agency experts to make a decision before the Sept. 20 start date as a delta variant continue to drive attack numbers up.

Members of the Centers for Disease Control and the Immunization Committee indicated during a meeting on Monday that they needed more data on pre-existing guns before issuing a recommendation on their use. Consultative Committee on Immunization member Beth Bell said the data did not yet show a significant reduction in immunity against severe cases of COVID-19.

“We have to remember that we are starting at a point where the data today do not show a dramatic reduction in the effectiveness of vaccines in terms of preventing hospitalizations and deaths,” Bell said during the meeting.

Cartoons on Coronavirus

Council members also stressed the importance of a representative process for recommendations – a process that Biden’s administration was at the head of when U.S. health officials announced that power rifles for Pfizer and Moderna receivers could be offered in early September 20.

The announcement caused confusion among some of those immediately in the third dose in the belief that the idea had already been approved and implemented, according to a committee member.

In fact, the idea is under the authority of the Food and Drug Administration and the CDC immunization committee recommendations. The FDA has scheduled a meeting of its Vaccines and Related Spiritual Products Advisory Committee for Sept. 17, while the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunizations is expected to meet again later this month.

Biden’s administration has defended its decision by saying it wants to “stay ahead” of the scandal. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky addresses concerns about limited booster data, saying the vaccine does not look at everything that U.S. health professionals examine.

“ACIP does not review the international data that has led us to be even more concerned about the increased risk of a reduced immune response against hospitalization, chronic disease and death. They will review that thoroughly, ”Walensky said at a press conference on Tuesday. “But that is our data and global data that has led us to worry that the reduction we are seeing for the impact will lead to the perceived weakness of the hospital, serious illness and death, which is why so it is important now to plan ahead to stay ahead of the scan. ”

A Booster Even for Healthy Americans?

While experts generally agree with the FDA’s decision to authorize firearms in vaccinated people, some question the use of a third dose of energy in young, healthy Americans.

“You don’t get vaccinated to avoid colds and minor symptoms,” said William Parker, a professor of pulmonary medicine and general medicine at the University of Chicago. “We are vaccinated to prevent people from finishing in the hospital, having to be in the ICU.”

But Parker made it clear that he was not opposed to giving Americans a shotgun.

“I think people have this kind of frame as support or opposition,” he said. “I don’t think that’s right. I’m not against promoting Americans if it helps save lives and reduce hospitals. I don’t think anyone is in this discussion.”

The real question is whether healthy people need a strong rifle, Parker said. If a shotgun is used to prevent only a small amount of infection in a healthy person, “that is not justified,” he said.

Parker said he was encouraged that members of the CDC immunization committee appeared to support the process despite Biden’s promotional announcement.

Still, experts want to see more data on boost shots.

“We don’t see all the evidence yet that the federal government has told us to talk about promotion shots, and I think it will be very important when the data comes to the CDC, for example, and ACIP, that’s the value also comes to the community so that we can have these conversations in a way that helps them make informed choices, ”Cameron Wolfe, a cancer specialist at Duke Health, said in a call with reporters on Thursday.

Council members and other experts also agree that an unvaccinated population center to get them their first shot should take a serious look at the idea of ​​improvement. Just under 62% of Americans have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The World Health Organization has been a major critic of the rich nations that supply guns.

“We plan to give life jackets to people who already have life jackets, while we are leaving other people to drown without a life jacket,” Mike Ryan of the WHO said during a news conference in August . “That’s true. Science is not sure about this. Obviously more data to collect.”

While WHO officials say they agree with the US decision to give additional doses to vaccinators, they say that implementing major upgrades for everyone in some countries on the eve of access to vaccines everywhere could lead to to new variations that arise.

But not everyone agrees with WHO. Parker said the organization needs to respect the rights of countries that want to protect their residents first.

And White House press secretary Jen Psaki called the situation a “false choice,” saying the United States could both develop a firearm and send more vaccines around the world.

However, Biden should be less than raising the number of vaccines administered to other countries according to the number of safe doses, Parker said. He also criticized the dosing method of promoting shots as “lost life.” If the minimum dose for a power rifle can operate to the same size as a full dose, more rifles may be supplemented from the same supply.

J&J Recipients Stay tuned More

Promotional advice only applies to Pfizer and Moderna receivers for now. Johnson & Johnson receivers are not available, although U.S. health officials believe they will need another rifle as well.

“The truth, sadly, is that there is no data available to the community yet that talks about how effective they will be either going to promote J&J to something else like Moderna or Pfizer, or data that we know is coming in just two weeks using the J&J boost on top of the first J&J, ”Wolfe said.

J&J recently reported that short-term data from its rifle test showed a nine-fold increase in the number of strains attached to a rifle system, although the data has not been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal however.

Some J&J recipients have committed to their own hands and won a second shot in hopes of boosting their defense against delta diversity.

But Wolfe recommends J&J recipients stay tuned because “it could be a few weeks on the way to getting a better understanding.”

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