A safe school with mental health supports opens in Saanich

For children and young people in the Saanich School District who need little time, professional education support goes to the new rest safe school in time for the school year.

“I am very proud of the Saanich Children’s Development Center (CDC) ‘s unique program for students in need of mental health and other careers, so they can return to their local school with their own tools. need to succeed, ”said Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Education. “Thus, their families can be confident that their children are receiving the education and support they need in a safe and modern home.”

CDC supports undergraduate students in Grade 5 to Alternative 5. The Alternative Education Program, located in the same location, serves intermediate students in grades 6 to 8. Both offer have a highly adaptive programming to meet the needs of students. Nearly 16 students from elementary and middle school attend the CDC for intensive sessions of 20 weeks that include counseling and mental health supports. His programs emphasize social and emotional learning, along with reading and math.

“This new school will provide a safe, supportive environment that enhances the mental well-being of our students,” said Sheila Malcolmson, Minister of Mental Health and Addiction. “I thank the Beacon Community and Saanich School District for their cooperation on this project.”

The project also includes a neighborhood training center. The Beacon Community and Saanich School District will provide mental health supports for children and families in the downtown area. This includes planning early years, chaotic alcohol support and programs to help strengthen and nurture families. Programs offered by Beacon Community Services at the CDC will be funded primarily by the Center for Children and Family Development.

“Access to mental health and early intervention support is essential to help children reach their full potential,” said Mitzi Dean, Minister for Children and Family Development. “Now students and their families in Saanich will be able to get the support they need to find their way to success in a new, safer school.”

The BC government provided $ 3.7 million for the 53-year CDC replacement. The Saanich School District donated $ 500,000 for the project.

Four years ago, the BC Government approved more than $ 1.2 billion in seismic upgrades or replacements in 58 schools across the state, so more than 31,400 students could have better protection in school during an earthquake.

The 2021 budget includes nearly $ 3.5 billion for school capital investments, including new and expanded schools, seismic upgrades and replacements, and site purchases to ensure the land is available from capture areas that are growing rapidly throughout the region.


Lana Popham, MLA for Saanich South –

“Programs at the Saanich CDC will make a huge difference to the children who are struggling in their local schools and put them back on the path to success. I am very proud that our government has built this new school and continues to bring peace to the students. ”

Tim Dunford, chairman, Saanich Education Committee

“We are excited to begin the school year in a safer new home, and are able to further develop programs that support the social and emotional development of students and families through a new partnership with Beacon County work. ”

Carla Robinson, chair, board of directors, Beacon Community Services –

“We are pleased to partner with District 63 to support the well-being of children and families in the new neighborhood training center. It is exciting to see the doors open on a project that will make such a difference in children and family lives. ”

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